Jazz Concert 2007-2008
"Thank you, Blue and Gold for helping us buy music for our ’07-’08 Jazz Concert!"
Gary Evans
Band Instructor

"Thank you Blue and Gold for helping reading become something cool at EHS! Because of your generosity, students get to participate in engaging literacy events like our monthly Readers' Café, fieldtrips to the Alderwood Barnes and Noble, and speaking events with local authors. As a librarian, with a tight budget, I am so very grateful for your financial assistance! Thank you, Blue and Gold for caring about literacy and our students at EHS!"
Ms. Payne
EHS Librarian

Barnes and Noble Fieldtrip--2008

Readers' Café, 2009

Author Carl Deuker, 2007

"We greatly admire the B&G commitment to "even the playing field" for students with less financial ability... and appreciate the leadership and demonstrated results achieved."
Ed Petersen – President, Everett School Board

"A few years ago, I suddenly found myself a single parent with three children still at home and a very minimal wage job to support us. My son was a student at Everett High School and was determined to play sports. This was rather costly at times, and often I did not have the necessary monies to pay for activities... Someone told me about Blue and Gold and they quickly and quietly came to our aide! [B&G] made a huge difference in my son's school years and helped him have courage during a difficult time in our lives."
Parent of EHS Student

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