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What Is Planned Giving?
Planned giving is simply arranging a charitable gift so that you realize philanthropic objectives while maximizing tax and other financial benefits. A planned gift is generally made from your assets, rather than from your income.

How Do Planned Gifts Help Blue and Gold, Inc.?
Planned gifts for the benefit of Blue and Gold, Inc. assist us in our efforts to insure that the students of Everett High School continue to have the opportunity to achieve success, regardless of their financial situation. Each gift enhances the long-run financial security of Blue and Gold, Inc., enabling us to continue to fulfill our mission.

How Does a Donor Benefit in Making a Planned Gift?
With any type of planned gift for the benefit of Blue and Gold, Inc. comes the considerable fulfillment of knowing you are helping to create opportunities for students to participate in activities at Everett High School. In most cases, a planned gift also offers one or more of the following:

  • a current income tax deduction
  • increased cash flow from an asset, sometimes at more favorable tax rates
  • preservation of an asset’s appreciation in value coupled with the elimination, reduction, or deferral of capital gains tax
  • professional management of assets relied upon for income
  • gift and estate tax savings

What Planned Giving Options Are Possible?
Planned gifts can be made using various type of property:

  • Cash
  • Appreciated securities (whether publicly-traded or privately-held) owned more than a year
  • Appreciated real estate owned more than a year
  • Particular items such as equipment, furnishings, and collectibles
  • Various assets such as life insurance policies, savings bonds, commercial annuity contracts and funds held in an IRA or other qualified retirement plan

They can take any of several different forms:

  • An outright gift is one that is available to Blue and Gold, Inc. immediately. Transfers of appreciated securities are particularly popular because you not only receive an income tax deduction for the full value of the securities but also avoid tax on any of the gain.
  • A bequest is another frequently chosen type of gift, as you can retain full ownership and use of an asset for as long as you live. Likewise, a distribution from a qualified retirement plan at the end of your life means you need not give up a source of income prematurely.
  • A gift of life insurance may be made either by designating Blue and Gold, Inc. as a beneficiary of the policy or by arranging for us to become the owner of the policy. The former entails many of the same advantages as a bequest, whereas the latter can result in current income tax savings.
  • A retained life estate arrangement can be especially attractive if you are retired. You deed your residence (or a farm) to Blue and Gold, Inc. while receiving a sizeable income tax deduction and retaining the right to continue living in your home. Upon your death, the property is sold and the proceeds are used by Blue and Gold, Inc. to further its work.
  • A charitable gift annuity pays a fixed, guaranteed amount for life to one or two persons, including you and your spouse, if applicable. In almost every instance, a portion of the payments will be tax-free, plus you receive a tax deduction for part of the value of your contribution.
  • A charitable remainder trust pays income to you and/or other beneficiaries either for the life of the beneficiaries or a term of years. The amount of income can be fixed or variable, depending on the type of trust. It is common for such trusts to be funded with property which has increased in value, due to the fact that neither you nor the trust pays any capital gains tax at the time of funding. A deduction is also available for a portion of the value of what you contribute to the trust.
  • A bargain sale can be appropriate if you would like to donate an asset to Blue and Gold, Inc. but cannot afford to do so on an outright basis. You receive an income tax deduction for the difference between the full value and the price paid by Blue and Gold, Inc..
  • A charitable lead trust can be a tremendous way to provide a stream of income for Blue and Gold, Inc. during a period of time prior to having the trust’s assets pass to your heirs at a substantially reduced gift and estate cost.

How Can Friends of Blue and Gold, Inc. Learn More About Their Options?
We would be happy to furnish you with additional information, answer your questions, and help you and your advisors consider whatever alternatives are appropriate for your particular situation. Please contact us:

  • By phone at (425) 303-8338 (Ross Rettenmier, Blue and Gold, Inc. Board Member.)
  • By U.S. Mail at PO Box 1194, Everett, WA 98206.

Please join us in supporting Everett High School students. YOU can help all students achieve success!

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We have been increasingly successful in our fundraising, partially due to the United Way designations.
We encourage you to designate Blue and Gold, Inc. for your United Way donation. You can put all or part of your gift in the SPECIFIC CARE section of the pledge card. Indicate Blue and Gold, Inc. , PO Box 1194, Everett, WA 98206. Please remember, we are a volunteer organization so 100% of your donation stays right at Everett High School helping students.
List Blue and Gold as your United Way designation!

Providing a lasting legacy. The EHS experience is alive and well – with the help from those who care. Education funding faces challenges however and Everett High students needs your help. Our student body fundraises but falls short in funding necessary support for athletics and extra-curricular activities. The Blue and Gold Club is helping to bridge the gap with this endowment campaign, providing benefits to Everett High for years to come. Our endowment goal is $2 million dollars! We can do it and we are making a difference! Join the many others supporting Everett High and making the endowment work!
YOU can help all students achieve success!

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